The 9-hole, par 3 Academy Course is readily available for both members and guests to play, which ultimately will assist in the growth of the golfers’ level of play.

The Trump Dubai Golf Academy provides world-class instruction to members, families and guests. We always work towards exceeding expectations with both the standard of instruction and service provided. The instructors here at Trump Dubai will always try to stay ahead of recent methods and techniques. Our goal is to improve all students’ golf techniques and work together to meet desired targets. We specialize in a holistic approach to help improve all aspects of golf including: basic technique, course management, club fitting, fitness & flexibility and the mental approach. Using innovative, personally tailored coaching methods enables students to make the most of their potential and improve their performance. Our instructors deliver a range of coaching styles, from the highly technical to the more traditional to suit each student. Our team of professionals has worldwide experience of improving the golfer’s technique and enjoyment of the game through instruction. By utilizing fantastic long and short game facilities, we provide a comprehensive instruction program, putting Trump Dubai at the forefront of golf coaching.


The Junior Program is a road map for success in learning to play golf. Each junior will move through various levels of achievements under the watchful eyes of the golf professionals. Every level includes instruction and check points in five areas: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge and Scoring. Skills and correct forms are taught in putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers and full swing. Achievement pins are earned each time a junior completes a level and certificates will be given out when the junior advances to the next level. A mix of tuition and competition on our Par 3 course will make this a real fun program


Our Ladies Program at Trump Dubai enables aspiring and established Lady Golfers to learn or progress in their games in a fun and relaxed environment. Both group and individual lessons will be available and our aim is to develop as many golfers as we can and have them out playing on the course as soon as possible.


These lessons are designed to take the player on course. Players must have participated in lessons previously or already be an accomplished golfer. Taking it to the course a key component of learning the game.


We will have teams that travel and play against other clubs in the UAE. We encourage the camaraderie and competition with other clubs and our matches will allow al levels of players to compete, whether it is in our elite teams or our member’s social teams.


Membership at Trump International Golf Club, Dubai provides a lifestyle of uncompromising personalized service, luxurious amenities and attention to detail that create a lifetime of memories.

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